Yuanda Australia Pty Ltd

Who are Yuanda Australia?

Read about our history, background, expertise and service.

Who are Yuanda Australia?

About Yuanda Australia

Yuanda Australia Pty Ltd is a major supplier of fabricated materials and components to the Australian construction industry. The Yuanda Group of companies is one of the largest producers of facades and curtain walls globally.

Since 2006, Yuanda’s products have been used in 83 locations nationwide, including in some of Australia’s most iconic buildings. Seven more locationare currently under construction and another two are in the design stage. The expertise and capability that Yuanda Australia provides to the local market has resulted in significantly lower prices for Australian building projects, as well as strong and sustained local employment.

Yuanda’s commitment to the Australian construction industry means that the company currently has around $176 million in contracts under construction, and more than $10 million in security guarantees out in the marketplace.

Yuanda Australia is a trusted, reliable and proven supplier of quality facades for Australian building projects.

Our nimble and innovative approach to design, manufacturing and installation ensures Australian builders are able to access the right skills and products at the most competitive price. And our commitment to our clients continues beyond installation, with ongoing support for maintenance or extensions if required in the future. Yuanda has been a trusted and reliable partner to Australian builders for over a decade. We are partners for the long haul.

Local knowledge, global strength

Yuanda Australia is part of one of the world’s largest and most-accomplished facade and curtain wall manufacturers. Yuanda has been operating in Australia for more than 17 years, and globally for 27 years. Yuanda’s expertise and strength has helped create some of the most iconic 21st century construction projects. These include

In Australia, Yuanda has carved out a reputation over 17 years as the leading supplier of façade materials and components to the Australian construction industry. Since 2006, Yuanda’s products have been used in 83 locations nationwide, including in some of Australia’s most iconic buildings. It is the largest supplier of facades and curtain walls for the Australian building industry.

An unmatched commitment to quality

In 1996, Yuanda became the first curtain wall manufacturer anywhere in the world to achieve ISO9001 international quality certification. Over the last 27 years, the company has demonstrated time and again its compliance with testing standards in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Europe.

Today, Yuanda Australia is responding to the ever increasing demands of the building industry by implementing ever stronger quality safeguards than ever before. Since 2010, Yuanda has dedicated an entire production line and manufacturing facility solely to producing products for the Australian market. This means that the manufacturing process for every Australian job is managed by a specialist team, from beginning to end.

Having a dedicated, “Australia only” production line ensures that only material specifically procured for Australian jobs can find its way into the local market. Yuanda has also implemented stringent testing procedures for manufacturing materials. These tests are undertaken to NATA standards, ensuring that material destined for Australian building complies with all relevant legislation.

After over 17 years of service to the Australian building industry, no manufacturer is better placed than Yuanda Australia to deliver the quality, reliability and safety standards that Australian builders rightly demand.

People you know and trust

When you engage a contractor for a major building project, you’re not just engaging the company – you’re engaging the people. At Yuanda Australia, our people have been the key to our success for more than 13 years. The people running Yuanda Australia today are the same experts who have delivered time and again for our clients over the last decade.

Importantly, our position as Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of glass and aluminium facades and curtain walls means we are able to attract the best talent in the nation. We use our networks of industry experts to assemble the right team for each job. From design all the way through to installation, you can be sure that Yuanda Australia’s people are the best in the business. They have been for more than a decade, and will continue to uphold the standards Australian builders have come to expect from Yuanda.

A successful past, a bright future

Yuanda Australia continues to build on its decade-long record of success in Australia. Our team is growing and we continue to explore innovative ways to meet the evolving challenges of the Australian building industry. Skilful new team members are helping us evolve and grow our capability, giving us greater capacity to respond to the needs of our clients.

We assisted with the completion of construction at the prestigious Barangaroo development, on the foreshore of the sparkling Sydney Harbour, as well as the spectacular Jewel project, which rose from the world-famous sand of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Over time, these will no doubt become one of Australia’s premier residential addresses, and it is the technical expertise and capability that Yuanda Australia has brought to the project that will secure its place among Australia’s most iconic buildings.

At Yuanda Australia, we believe our history is the best indicator of our future performance. We’ve been a trusted and reliable partner to the Australian building industry for 17 years. We’ll be here for many years to come. Our people are committed and talented, and our finances are strong. Our future is bright.