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Yuanda Australia’s pioneering innovation and expertise brings 60 Martin Place vision to life

Yuanda Australia’s pioneering innovation and expertise brings 60 Martin Place vision to life

by Yuanda Australia | January 29, 2018

Yuanda Australia has used a combination of modern technology and its industry expertise to solve a difficult engineering challenge and deliver the architect’s vision for the 60 Martin Place project in Sydney.

In keeping with the architecture of the area, the designers of 60 Martin Place had called for 620 stone fins – in rare Calcutta Gold – protruding from the face of the building.  However, concerns over the long-term viability and public safety prompted Yuanda Australia to devise an innovative alternative.

In an Australian-first, the fins on the façade will be made of glass that has been digitally printed to resemble the stone features desired by the architects, Hassell Studio. A visual prototype was inspected by the architects and the client Investa in Sydney this week, in order to finalise the design and move towards production.

Yuanda Australia’s Technical Manager Gareth Winstanley said the concept of printing a stone replica onto glass fins had never been attempted in Australia before, and he predicted it would catch the attention of the entire building industry.

“We are extremely proud of this solution,” Mr Winstanley said. “It’s been a remarkable effort by Yuanda Australia and our global partners to come up with such an elegant answer to a very challenging situation.

“I am certain we have led the way on something that will become a standard part of the Australian façade industry in years to come.”

In order to achieve the desired effect, Yuanda commissioned a photographer to take a series of very high-resolution photographs of a large piece of Calcutta Gold stone in Italy.  These were then rendered and “sliced up” to ensure that each of the 620 glass fins had its own individual piece of stone design.

“We encountered some issues with printing the stone on to the glass, so we engaged the Israeeli manufacturers of the printing machinery. With their advice and assistance, we were able to calibrate the printer and achieve a perfect reproduction of the stone on the glass.

“The end result will be a modern building façade that is safe and functional, but true to the design intent and sympathetic to the surrounding buildings in Martin Place.

“Only Yuanda Australia, as the nation’s largest and most experienced façade company – has the capability and global reach to deliver such a unique solution.

"Now that the visual design has been finalised and approved, we look forward to performance testing early next month, and then the start of manufacturing.”